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idwest Geothermal is a privately held company based in
Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are a full service, turnkey geothermal ground-loop installation contractor. We start by offering our clients assistance with site feasibility, field design, budgeting and support them all the way to a complete system installation. We are recognized for offering practical solutions and strive to identify sound value engineering opportunities. Our mobile installation teams service all of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.


e are leaders in our industry and strive to educate our clients and colleagues in the fundamentals of geothermal design and installation. Our primary oncern is to protect our valuable drinking water resources. We have presented geothermal drilling practices to the American Groundwater Trust, the Southwest Michigan Environmental Health Association, subcommittee member and contributor to the Michigan MDEQ /DNRE Best Practices for Geothermal Vertical Closed-Loop Installations. We stay actively involved in the community, partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bring geothermal solutions to our local community housing projects. As members of IGSHPA, Geo-Exchange, National Ground Water Association, the US Green Building Council and the Michigan Geothermal Energy Association, we stay current and actively involved in what’s going on, in and around our industry.

We are proud to be the first and largest dedicated geothermal ground-loop installation company based here in Michigan.

We are dedicated to commercial and residential installations of closed-loop ground heat exchangers. This is all we do every day of the week.



Benefits of Installing a Geothermal System

More Efficient

Nationally, on average a geothermal heat pump is 48% more efficient than gas furnaces and 75% more efficient than oil furnaces

Out Performs Gas Tech

In government studies, even the best geo-exchange systems outperformed the best gas technology, by an average of 36% in the heating mode and 43% in the cooling mode.

Tax Credits

Tax credits are in place for 30% on residential and 10% on commercial geothermal installations. This includes the complete installation – including, but not limited to the loop installation and all of the mechanical required inside the building.

Safer Operation

Heat pumps offer safer operation with no carbon monoxide emissions and very little required maintenance.

No Combustion Required

As conventional heating systems generate heat by the burning of fuel, such as natural gas, propane or fuel oil, geothermal heating does not require combustion.

Long Lasting, No Mainteneance

On average, geothermal equipment lasts well over 20 years. With little maintenance required on the equipment, the efficiency of your unit will not decrease as rapidly over time compared to a conventional system.


We are trained and accredited

We are trained and accredited for drilling, excavation, pipe fusion and commissioning. We are the only contractor in Michigan that owns a complete fleet of vertical drilling rigs, high-solids grouting systems, mini and commercial excavators, directional drilling machine, hydro excavator, vacuum and water trucks, flush carts, dozer, skid steers and soil compactors. Our productivity is reflected by our investment in our people and machinery. We are ready to tackle your next project with quality and speed to meet the most demanding of schedules.

Fully Insured and Bondable

We are a fully insured and bondable contractor without a single system claim in our history. We also carry professional liability insurance to support all of our design services. Our bonding line is secured for up to $10 million in active projects. Safety is measured by our people, attitude and methods to respect for each job site we encounter. We take pride in our work and respect the value of our natural resources and the power of operating heavy machinery. We are proud to have 6 years of operation without a single recordable injury.

We are IGSHPA accredited

We are IGSHPA accredited for ground-loop installations of all types. We have installed geothermal fields from just 2 tons to over 600 tons in capacity. We are specialists in vertical, horizontal, directional or pond loop systems. We have nine IGSHPA trained installers that provide leadership for each of our installation teams.

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